Responsibilities of a Nanny

From changing diapers to warming baby bottles, to putting on band-aids and pushing swings, the role and duty of a nanny always stay the same, whether she is working for a regular family or a celebrity one. But finding a suitable caretaker or nanny in Los Angeles is always a challenging task for every parent. The parents always want to employ a nanny who is dependable, qualified and experienced, to confidently leave their children under her care. The nannies should undertake certain basic training in childcare to make them competent to handle all their duties and responsibilities.

Safety: Child’s safety is always a nanny’s first priority. Parents are always concerned about their child’s safety, so either in the house or outdoors, a caretaker must protect the child from any physical harm. A nanny should keep the child away from any objects, both in the house and playground, that can cause harm to the children. Toys should be well arranged after playtime, to avoid accidents. A nanny should protect the children from interacting with strangers or coming into contact with any form of danger.

Basic housekeeping: A nanny or caretaker should expect to do light household chores. Taking care of children can be messy, so nannies need to regularly clean up and leave the house neat and tidy. As a caretaker, it is the nanny’s responsibility to keep the child clean and keep baby’s bedding and the utensils tidy.

Emergency preparedness: Being prepared for emergencies is one of the basic duties of a caretaker. Parents feel safe and relaxed knowing that the nanny is well prepared in case of any emergency. Every nanny should undergo emergency training such as CPR and first aid. She should also have knowledge about the medical history of the child under her care, to stay prepared in case of an emergency. She should also keep a list of important phone numbers and emergency contacts, like fire station, police and local ambulance service.

Involving activities: Another important task for a nanny is to include the child in various engaging activities. A nanny needs to be well versed in both indoor and outdoor activities that will vitalize children’s creativity and boost their physical wellness. Parents expect the nanny to keep their child active by engaging him/her in various daily activities. The nanny should inquire about activities and games suitable for the age group of the children under her care. This will help to develop a bond between her and the children.

Feeding the kids: It is the most vital duty of a nanny to ensure that the child she is taking care of is timely fed. In case of infant or younger children, the parents will advice the nanny regarding the child’s feeding times and types of meals, which she needs to follow carefully. She needs to observe the children and anticipate if they are hungry or not. And in cases of older children, it is often the nanny’s responsibility to prepare meals and feed the children at the right times. The nanny must possess basic cooking skills and have the knowledge on how to deal with different eating habits.

Each family has unique requirements when it comes to selecting a particular nanny for their child. Various nanny agencies in Los Angeles will help you provide a nanny who will go along with your list of criteria and can perform the duties well.

Top 5 Care Options for Your Baby

Parenting is an amazing journey of life. The relation between parent and child is very close as they are circumscribed in blood relation. It refers to aspects of raising a child in social, physical, intellectual level from infancy to adulthood. However, these days most working parents are unable to avail the best child care facility. They need an extra pair of hands to take care of a newborn or keep the older kids entertained. There is a quest for matching the most appropriate parenting requirements. But you may get overwhelmed since many Newborn Care in Los Angeles agencies offer a variety of choices.

Finding quality childcare is a major parenting challenge. The different types of child care available to parents are overwhelming and confusing particularly for the first-time parents. To assist you in understanding the types of child care available, here is a list of some of the more commonly used child care options and a brief description.

Baby care nurse: For mothers to properly recuperate, and for families to ease the transition into life with their newest member, some families choose to employ a baby nurse in Los Angeles or newborn specialist. This person is not necessarily a Registered Nurse (RN) or Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN). A baby nurse performs all tasks related to baby’s well-being including feeding, diapering, and soothing the child through the night.

Nanny: A nanny is a family employed person who takes care of children on full-time or part-time basis. They are either live-in or live-out and take responsibilities of child care duties as well as light households tasks. She may watch the child for multiple hours every day or on a consistent weekly schedule. They usually have a formal education in child development or related fields. They engage children in developmental activities and teach them ways to help build character.

Babysitter: Babysitters are individuals hired on an hourly basis to care for child. They provide a supervisory, custodial care of children as irregular part-times. They watch one or more children and charge hourly rates. They’re mainly responsible for preparing food, assisting children in their homework, playing with kids and providing transportation to and from activities.

Mother’s Helper: Mother’s helpers are children care providers who help to watch and entertain a child. They aim to make the mother’s life easier while she is still in the house or leaves for brief periods of time. They have career aspirations in child care and assist parents with childcare and housekeeping duties.

Daycare Center: Day care centers provide child development programs and part-time care for working families. These centers avail most reliable half/full day, hour-by-hour care and arrange meals, naps and some kids-engaging activities. Day-care centers charge monthly and mostly dependent on location and type of the care provided.

If your child needs appropriate parenting support, you could choose any of them.

All childcare providers are good, but the best ones will match your family’s needs and requirements. From baby caring with a newborn nurse in Los Angeles to kids managing, you could find the appropriate agency. You must choose who provides reliable resources and works consistently and attentively toward your children care.

Choosing the Best Newborn Care For Your Baby

In today’s world, more and more parents are opting towards hiring nannies and baby nurses to care for their children while they work. So, nannying and baby nursing have become some of the most rewarding careers in Los Angeles anyone can have. A nanny or baby nurse doesn’t need super-human powers or a Mary Poppins’ bag that holds life secrets to rear children. But being a nanny or baby nurse is not so easy and not everyone is cut out to do it.48906149

Whether you need a full-time live-in or someone to provide you help few hours a week, finding a reliable and attentive caregiver for your infant or finding the right newborn nurse in Los Angeles is a big challenge. You need to be patient and interview candidates until you find the right person who will be the best fit for your family.

Here are the keys that will help you find the best newborn care in Los Angeles for your family:

  • Identify your priorities: First think of what you and your partner would like to see in an ideal newborn care. Would you like to hire someone older with ample experience or someone younger who can keep up with the energy level of your child? Do you need a person who lives close by so that she won’t be late or will it be fine if she lives at a distance? How much are you willing to pay her? There are a lot of things to consider, so take your time to discuss the priorities before starting your search.

  • Get the word out: Once you have sorted out what you want in a potential caregiver, then reach out to your friends or relatives for getting referrals. Advertise online, or you can also call local nanny placement agencies which can help you meet with the nannies according to your specifications. But, before meeting make sure to write down all your questions so as to address all the mentioned priorities.

  • Check references: After sorting out some of the applicants, don’t forget to check their references. Some applicants might sound great, and with your specifications, during an interview, but it’s a former employer who can give you the actual details about the applicant’s capabilities, dependability and how she can interact with and care for children. Ask about their strengths and weaknesses and the reasons for leaving their job.

  • Intuition: The nanny may have excellent credentials and references, but it’s highly important that she clicks with you and your family well. Interviews give you and the nanny a chance to talk face to face. During the interview, introduce the nanny to your child and see how she interacts. Let her know your expectations and be clear about hours, duties, wages, holidays and listen to how she responds. If you need highly qualified nannies with certain specialized training, license or degrees, add it to your criteria. And, in the end, don’t forget to trust your instincts.

Nanny agencies can provide you with the best newborn nurses in Los Angeles for your family. So, relax, and let them do the search for you.

Estate Manager: Roles and Duties

Estate Management is an art and science of applying various management functions (controlling, planning, organizing, directing, coordinating) in a proper way. This arises a quest for the property owners to hire competent individuals.

50645039Property management seems an easy task. But, from a professional point of view, management of an estate is far more exceptional than that. It requires skills and experience to operate, control and oversight an estate in Los Angeles. An estate manager in Los Angeles plays a key role in managing the staff and ensuring the smooth running of the estate. He/she is performing various functions on behalf of the landlords.

Roles of an estate manager:

  • Human resource management: Hiring household staff and ensuring they perform their duties to the best of their ability is a key aspect of being an estate manager. He/she employs staff that would help. An estate manager also ensures that all the staff is well trained and complement each other. Complete human resource management of the property is in his hands.

  • Property Management: Property management responsibility of an estate manager includes general oversight, repairs and maintenance. The estate manager has to do constant inspection to ensure proper functioning of every asset.

Duties of an estate manager:

  • Event Planning: Organizing private parties and events that pertain to the estate is also a part of the manager’s duties. The estate manager ready the ground, manage the staff. No matter what the number of guests may be, a skilled estate manager puts all his effort to create a trouble-free atmosphere for the employers.

  • Effective management of day-to-day errands: Supervise the work of contractors, service people, artisans, and all other household and non-household employees. Ensures that all routine household supplies are always on hand. An important aspect of an estate manager is to oversee and monitor the household’s bank account and the household budget.

The responsibilities of an estate manager are many. Thus, finding the right person to do the job is quite difficult. You could contact domestic agencies in Los Angeles offering household services. They have a pool of well qualified candidates, addressing the basic duties as well as employers’ specific tasks. Estate owners need to make sure, before entering into an agreement with the agency, that it has been in business a long time and are well respected in the community.

Why Relying on Housekeeper Agencies is Effective?

There is no better feeling than waking up to a clean and tidy house in the beautiful city of Los Angeles, especially when you didn’t do it by yourself. It is too difficult to cope with all your household chores after work, isn’t it? Even if you have the willingness, a tired body rejects the idea straightaway. And if, at all, you somehow manage to take care of all the regular chores, housekeeping is always left out. It’s one never-ending task that requires a lot of time and patience to tackle. The best way to deal with the situation is hiring some external help.

Finding a good housekeeper in Los Angeles is not a difficult task. However, letting a stranger dwell in your place might not look like a favorable option for many. Also, it is not plausible to ascertain the entire personality of an individual in one or two meetings. In such cases, going for housekeeper agency is the safest and the most logical option. They will easily get you a candidate befitting the specifications you’ve listed.

There are various reasons why relying on housekeeper agencies is a more effective idea than independent personal search. For instance:

  • They screen and check the housekeepers: The foremost fear of many homeowners is the first thing good agencies help you overcome. They make sure that the workers are honest. They check and verify their previous employment references, and also make sure that they are reliable and experienced.

  • Substitution facility: In situations when your current housekeeper becomes ill or is unable to perform her/his services properly, the agency will provide a suitable substitute who can work instead of the original worker.

  • Everything is done according to your wishes: Hiring a housekeeper is about meeting your needs in the best way. With the aid of an agency, you can easily find a housekeeper that takes care of your home, follows your suggestions, and does every task the way you like it. In case of discontent, which barely happens, you can easily get a replacement, fast.

50645086You can rely on these companies for fulfilling some other relevant needs as well, such as finding the best personal chefs in Los Angeles, or nannies, housekeepers, baby nurses, etc. Search over the Internet to find some authentic and reliable agencies.

Thank you, Sandra Taylor Agency!

The Best Way To Find A Trustworthy Nanny In Los Angeles

I can safely say that I became an expert in how to look for a trustworthy nanny in Los Angeles.


When my sister Rose had her first baby, she was only 18 years old, and after the first shock of unwittingly becoming pregnant, with a 19 year old boy, she started to panic. Obviously, she had no idea of where to start.

Our mom had passed away years before, and our dad always worked full time, including lots of travel.This situation made me the most senior person in the household that could give Rose some guidance and reassurance. And I was only 20. In spite of my young age, I was very responsible and resourceful, therefore I started reading everything I could find about pregnancy and newborn care. After a few months, we realized that a nanny was going to be needed quite soon, since my sister planned to start college classes soon after childbirth.

I immediately contacted every mom I knew and asked for advice related to nanny searching. Most had used their own moms for assistance, or were housewives and full time mothers. But a couple of them had used nannies, although found them by word of mouth. They advised me that if I couldn’t find nannies by referral, my alternative would be the internet, but, “to be careful with wanted ads”. Well, that was easier said that done. When I typed on a search engine ‘Nanny in Los Angeles’, pages of results appeared before me, completely overwhelming me.

I  had no idea how to select among so many choices, since all looked pretty much the same. My gut feeling said to avoid places where anyone could send resumes, without any pre-screening, thus, blogs and social networks were out; I needed more caution and safety.  I found some big national outfits that claimed to have hundreds of nannies on their rosters, but I thought “hundreds”?, wow, that seemed like a lot of work. And on top, their nannies could apply freely without any serious screening. I would have had to do all the interviewing, references checking, criminal history checks, etc. I said NO to those right away.

Finally, I chose to select local Los Angeles nanny agencies that had been in business for years, and I narrowed it down to three. Then, I went into their websites and carefully read every page looking for their strengths and weaknesses.

After an hour of investigating, I decided on an agency that had it all: Longevity (47 years), impressive testimonials, even had awards for their nanny service in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles, did their own personal interviewing and pre-screening, references verification, criminal background checks, affordable fees and great  guarantee plans, and had a tremendous list of substantial clients.

Finally, I called them, and was immediately reassured of their expertise by a very professional counselor, who asked for my requirements, and within 24 hours had three perfect nanny candidates. Rose decided on a lovely nanny she preferred, and now is a relaxed mom and art student.

Thank you, Sandra Taylor Agency!

How to Find The Perfect Nanny In Los Angeles

My daughter, Susan,became pregnant at the young age of 19, and our lives changed in a moment’s time. It was obvious that she was going to need a great deal of help from mom (yours truly), since, unfortunately, the baby’s father was 17, and a ‘no show’.43691793

The first few months of pregnancy were fairly smooth, and Susan stayed in school while I prepared the house for my grandson, which I much enjoyed. Then my thought started to focus on the near future, as I will be going back to work,and since Susan had decided to miss only school semester, and then resume her studies, a nanny will undoubtedly be needed care for the baby during the day time.

How to Find The Perfect Nanny In Los Angeles? Someone that will be able to handle a newborn baby, but also experienced with toddlers. And, hopefuly, with a school-age boy (was thinking too much ahead?).

I really didn’t have a clue as to where to start with my search, since I had raised Susan on my own, from birth. Those were other times, when wives could stay in home and husbands went to work.

A friend told me to go to the internet and start there, which I did. But,as I typed “nanny in Los Angles”, an enormous amount of information came up on my computer screen, and it really seemed overwhelming. There were large national companies that advertised to have hundreds of candidates on there databases, but were not pre-screened, they just had resumes sent by anyone with a computer.

That scared me since I would have to do all the screening on my own, including references checking, and worst of all, interviewing candidates that on one had vouched for yet. That too crazy for me.

I decided to look for well established reputable local nanny agencies in Los Angeles only, and I finally found one that had longevity, awards, testimonials,reasonable fees and excellent replacement guarantee plans. I called, and immediately felt comfortable with their demeanor and obvious expertise. This agency pre-screened all applicants in person, and verified all references prior to referring them to me, plus did criminal background checks before any employment acceptance.

To make the story short, we now have the most wonderful nanny who fits all our requirements, and our lives are smooth while our baby is safe and happy.

Thank you, Sandra Taylor Agency!

Nannies Can Be a Real Lifesaver For Working Moms

I live in Los Angeles, and when I had my first baby and my mom couldn’t help me any longer, I immediately panicked, thinking that I was going to lose my amazing job as a magazine editor. My maternity leave was coming to an end, and I had to solve my childcare needs quite soon. A nanny was in order.48906149

My level of anxiety dramatically rose when I learned that my mom, who had been my main support since childbirth, had to relocate to Oregon to help my estranged elderly father, who had been diagnosed with early stages of Alzheimer’s.

What to do? Obviously, I needed a nanny that I could trust 100% with my precious baby girl, and who would have the necessary expertise to help me raise her the “right way”, according to my child-rearing philosophies and standards. But, how to go about finding this perfect nanny in Los Angeles?

I asked my close friends, and I received several opinions, mostly, NOT to post job-offering ads in newspapers or internet forums, where any stranger could see and answer those ads. Too dangerous! The best advice came from the smartest friends, and it was to engage a top nanny agency to do the pre-screening for me.

I found several ones in the internet search-result pages, but some were just large national companies with no pre-screening policy, they were merely posting vehicles for whoever wished to offer their services, thus, I ruled them out fast. I concentrated on local ones with a long business record, and only agencies that would pre-screen the candidates personally. The one that stood out had many awards, an extensive list of positive testimonials, and 47 years in business!

Of course, I called them right away and gave them my prerequisites and job details. The counselor was very attentive, and asked all the right questions, the process was smooth and reassuring, their clientele is first class, and they were extremely professional. To make the story short, they presented three very qualified nannies, and I already have my choice working happily with my little girl, who is delighted with her. Happy ending!

Thank you, Sandra Taylor Agency.

My Search for a Baby Nurse in Los Angeles

When I moved to Los Angeles from Seattle, I was eight months pregnant, and had no friends nor acquaintances to lean on. My husband travels often due to his business, thus I was worried that I would have no reliable help to assist me with my newborn.43691795

Since I didn’t know where to start with my search for a baby nurse in Los Angeles, I asked my new neighbor, who had a small child, for advice. She told me that the safest way would be through my OBG doctor, or through a reputable local agency, but she had not used any herself.

My doctor knew of no available baby nurses, since they’re booked long in advance, therefore, I resorted to the internet, although with a great deal of concern. I was overwhelmed by the variety of websites specializing in this field of expertise. There were some large national companies, but I noticed that they accepted resumes from absolutely anyone, no questions asked, which made me extremely leery of them since I would have to do all the screening, checking, and interviewing by myself, amongst hundreds of candidates. It made no sense.

I decided to focus on local agencies, but there were so many! What to do? I went into the websites of ten of them, and looked carefully into their time length in business, testimonials, type of clientele, fees and guarantees, etc. Finally I was able to narrow it down to three, but when I dug deeper, I noticed that two of them had very short guarantee periods, and their fees were insane. But the third one had everything I was looking for, plus they performed personal interviews, references checking, criminal background investigations, DMV reports, and all done prior to any formal placement. I certainly called them to inquire for baby nurses availability, given the short time left before birth, and, luckily, they found three newborn experts in their database who were not booked yet for my time period.

I interviewed all of them in the privacy of my own home, and made the decision on a lovely nurse by the name Laureen, who was not only perfect for the baby, but also as a pre-natal doula, lactancy adviser, and post-natal mom’s tutor. I had her for eight wonderful weeks, and she left me with all the knowledge I needed to feel confident in my own ability to be the mom of a newborn, plus she helped choose a great nanny from the same agency, to help me in my long child-rearing future.

Thank you, Sandra Taylor Agency.

My Success in Finding a Great Baby Nurse in Los Angeles

I was 25 years old when I had my first baby, and my knowledge of child rearing and newborns was zip! My mom was ill and could not help, I had no close friends to assist me, and panic was setting in by the seventh month of pregnancy. Thankfully, we were financially able to afford a baby nurse for the first few weeks after birth. But, how to find the perfect baby nurse in the big city of Los Angeles?43691795

I would not consider help-wanted ads (too dangerous), I was not successful with word-of-mouth referrals, and time was of the essence. I was told that baby nurses book themselves long in advance, therefore, I was getting very nervous. I decided to look in the internet, but I was flabbergasted by the variety of sources listed on the result pages. I didn’t know where to start! How to screen dozens of sources? Where to zero in my attention?

Finally, I decided to call an ex-college friend, who worked as a registered nurse, for advice. It was my best idea! She happened to have used a local nanny agency, in the past, to obtain baby nursing assignments, and gave me its name.

I immediately went online, and found it, quite prominently listed, with great reviews. I clicked on their website address, and was delighted with the amount of information about its longevity in business, ‘Best Agency” awards, amazing testimonials, its clear and concise ‘fees and guarantees’ disclosure, and the large pre-screened pool of candidates, available for in-person interviewing.

To make the story short, I called and spoke with one of their counselors, Miriam, explaining my predicament and the dates I was going to need the baby nurse. It took less than 24 hours, and I was already interviewing three lovely candidates, in the privacy of my home, having in front of me their complete resumes with all work history, and notes from the agency highlighting their particular strengths, hourly rates, dates availability, special courses and certificates, and a list of references with the ex-employers’ personal phone numbers, should I wish to contact them for further checking.

By the next day, I had already booked my perfect baby nurse, not only an expert in pre an post-natal newborn care, but also in lactancy and last-month pregnancy care.

Thank you, Sandra Taylor Agency!