When I had my first child, one of my main concerns was how to find a trustworthy nanny for my baby, in the big city of Los Angeles.

I went online and used the usual searching tools, which showed me a variety of sources; some were national companies which listed hundreds of applicants in their databases, but the problem I had with those was that I am a busy mom, and do not have enough spare time to go over lengthy rosters of candidates to match my prerequisites.


Another problem was that those applicants have not been checked by any employee of those companies, but they were just merely accepted, as easily as everyone who would apply, no questions asked;  therefore, there was absolutely no company responsibility that would vouch for anyone in their lists. Of course, I ruled out that searching method, since it made no sense to me.

Checking further, I found the names of some local agencies, which specialized in my type of needed help. Unfortunately, this method was not easy either, since there were quite a few of those, and, on paper, they all looked the same. What to do?

I decided to go over the websites of some of those agencies, and I noticed that, on closer look, they were NOT all the same. For instance, some had not much time in business, others were insanely expensive, and had very short replacement guarantees. But, I found one particular agency that had been 47 years in business, had several guarantee plans with different fee choices, designed for most types of financial echelons.  Also, this company showed important awards achieved throughout its business years, and had a beautiful video showing its staff at work, plus the many pictures of previous clients, who were well known celebrities and famous personalities.

Well, it goes without saying that I felt really good about the seriousness and good reputation of this agency, thus I called them and gave them a description of my nanny needs. To make the story short, they found me an amazing nanny who met all my requirements and had a wonderful disposition; she already started, and my baby is happy and relaxed. I feel so relieved! Thank you, Sandra Taylor Agency.