I was 25 years old when I had my first baby, and my knowledge of child rearing and newborns was zip! My mom was ill and could not help, I had no close friends to assist me, and panic was setting in by the seventh month of pregnancy. Thankfully, we were financially able to afford a baby nurse for the first few weeks after birth. But, how to find the perfect baby nurse in the big city of Los Angeles?43691795

I would not consider help-wanted ads (too dangerous), I was not successful with word-of-mouth referrals, and time was of the essence. I was told that baby nurses book themselves long in advance, therefore, I was getting very nervous. I decided to look in the internet, but I was flabbergasted by the variety of sources listed on the result pages. I didn’t know where to start! How to screen dozens of sources? Where to zero in my attention?

Finally, I decided to call an ex-college friend, who worked as a registered nurse, for advice. It was my best idea! She happened to have used a local nanny agency, in the past, to obtain baby nursing assignments, and gave me its name.

I immediately went online, and found it, quite prominently listed, with great reviews. I clicked on their website address, and was delighted with the amount of information about its longevity in business, ‘Best Agency” awards, amazing testimonials, its clear and concise ‘fees and guarantees’ disclosure, and the large pre-screened pool of candidates, available for in-person interviewing.

To make the story short, I called and spoke with one of their counselors, Miriam, explaining my predicament and the dates I was going to need the baby nurse. It took less than 24 hours, and I was already interviewing three lovely candidates, in the privacy of my home, having in front of me their complete resumes with all work history, and notes from the agency highlighting their particular strengths, hourly rates, dates availability, special courses and certificates, and a list of references with the ex-employers’ personal phone numbers, should I wish to contact them for further checking.

By the next day, I had already booked my perfect baby nurse, not only an expert in pre an post-natal newborn care, but also in lactancy and last-month pregnancy care.

Thank you, Sandra Taylor Agency!