I live in Los Angeles, and when I had my first baby and my mom couldn’t help me any longer, I immediately panicked, thinking that I was going to lose my amazing job as a magazine editor. My maternity leave was coming to an end, and I had to solve my childcare needs quite soon. A nanny was in order.48906149

My level of anxiety dramatically rose when I learned that my mom, who had been my main support since childbirth, had to relocate to Oregon to help my estranged elderly father, who had been diagnosed with early stages of Alzheimer’s.

What to do? Obviously, I needed a nanny that I could trust 100% with my precious baby girl, and who would have the necessary expertise to help me raise her the “right way”, according to my child-rearing philosophies and standards. But, how to go about finding this perfect nanny in Los Angeles?

I asked my close friends, and I received several opinions, mostly, NOT to post job-offering ads in newspapers or internet forums, where any stranger could see and answer those ads. Too dangerous! The best advice came from the smartest friends, and it was to engage a top nanny agency to do the pre-screening for me.

I found several ones in the internet search-result pages, but some were just large national companies with no pre-screening policy, they were merely posting vehicles for whoever wished to offer their services, thus, I ruled them out fast. I concentrated on local ones with a long business record, and only agencies that would pre-screen the candidates personally. The one that stood out had many awards, an extensive list of positive testimonials, and 47 years in business!

Of course, I called them right away and gave them my prerequisites and job details. The counselor was very attentive, and asked all the right questions, the process was smooth and reassuring, their clientele is first class, and they were extremely professional. To make the story short, they presented three very qualified nannies, and I already have my choice working happily with my little girl, who is delighted with her. Happy ending!

Thank you, Sandra Taylor Agency.