My daughter, Susan,became pregnant at the young age of 19, and our lives changed in a moment’s time. It was obvious that she was going to need a great deal of help from mom (yours truly), since, unfortunately, the baby’s father was 17, and a ‘no show’.43691793

The first few months of pregnancy were fairly smooth, and Susan stayed in school while I prepared the house for my grandson, which I much enjoyed. Then my thought started to focus on the near future, as I will be going back to work,and since Susan had decided to miss only school semester, and then resume her studies, a nanny will undoubtedly be needed care for the baby during the day time.

How to Find The Perfect Nanny In Los Angeles? Someone that will be able to handle a newborn baby, but also experienced with toddlers. And, hopefuly, with a school-age boy (was thinking too much ahead?).

I really didn’t have a clue as to where to start with my search, since I had raised Susan on my own, from birth. Those were other times, when wives could stay in home and husbands went to work.

A friend told me to go to the internet and start there, which I did. But,as I typed “nanny in Los Angles”, an enormous amount of information came up on my computer screen, and it really seemed overwhelming. There were large national companies that advertised to have hundreds of candidates on there databases, but were not pre-screened, they just had resumes sent by anyone with a computer.

That scared me since I would have to do all the screening on my own, including references checking, and worst of all, interviewing candidates that on one had vouched for yet. That too crazy for me.

I decided to look for well established reputable local nanny agencies in Los Angeles only, and I finally found one that had longevity, awards, testimonials,reasonable fees and excellent replacement guarantee plans. I called, and immediately felt comfortable with their demeanor and obvious expertise. This agency pre-screened all applicants in person, and verified all references prior to referring them to me, plus did criminal background checks before any employment acceptance.

To make the story short, we now have the most wonderful nanny who fits all our requirements, and our lives are smooth while our baby is safe and happy.

Thank you, Sandra Taylor Agency!