How to Find a Great Nanny in Los Angeles

When I 48906149moved to Los Angeles from a small town, with my two young children, the first thing was to find a nanny, since I was planning to work full time after my recent divorce. A single, working parent needs expert and reliable childcare, plus the assurance of honesty and good common sense. Nothing worried me more than to have to leave my precious toddlers with a stranger.

I got various opinions from several sources, but quickly I ruled out ‘wanted’ ads on publications or internet sites, since that was too dangerous. Then I looked online for nanny agencies, and I was overwhelmed by the enormous amount of companies listed. They all looked the same, with just a couple of lines stating who they were.

I needed to find a system to find the Best Agency in Los Angeles amongst so many, thus I started clicking on their websites and carefully studied their qualifications. There were some big, national companies, but the problem with those was that I had to do my own search from hundreds of listed candidates, who hadn’t gone through any screening process whatsoever, they just had sent in their unverified resumes. Obviously, those companies were not good choices by my standards.I started looking into local agencies, and comparing their time in business, references, size, fields of expertise, and their specialties. After a couple of days I narrowed it down to three, and started to study their fees and guarantees, any testimonials, and whether they had received any awards or industry prizes.

That was a great idea! I noticed that two out of the three chosen agencies had none of the above. But… there was one agency that listed its fees and guarantees in a dedicated page, with detailed different options of fees and the corresponding guarantee plans. Also, had a long list of great testimonials, plus several ‘Best Nanny Agency‘ awards, with the corresponding pictures. The name of that company is Sandra Taylor Agency, founded in 1967, bonded and licensed.

To make the story short, I now have an amazing nanny, that they found, and I can go to work stress free. Thank you, Sandra Taylor!

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