When I had my first child, my knowledge of baby and toddler care was zero, therefore, my anxiety level was quite high. My mom’s health was not good, thus she could not help me with the new arrival. Of course, I read every child-rearing book that I could find, but my confidence did not improve a whole lot. I had always been a typical career woman, with children being somewhat low in my priorities, until the biological clock started ticking.


When my maternity leave was getting close to ending, I started interviewing nanny candidates through a very reputable local agency, and after a short while I decided to try a lovely woman who had an impressive nanny background and impeccable references from other parents. We hit it off immediately, and seemed to have a great rapport, as well as a coincidence in parenthood philosophy

I would like to use this space to infinitely praise the expertise and sweetness of my nanny, who, through her wisdom, her early childhood development education, and extensive on-the-field training, has enriched my dear child’s life in amazing ways that I could never have achieved on my own.

Every afternoon that I would come back from work, I would find something new that my baby had learned, from arts and crafts to children book stories, to useful fun games, to educational activities that excited him and pushed him to want more. I cannot stress enough how crucial this nanny’s presence was in our lives, let alone how much she lowered my motherhood anxiety for years to come.

Thank you, lovely Esther, and thank you, Sandra Taylor Agency, you both have made my life a complete delight.